Batching Plant CIFA LORETO 4W-1000/SP

Manufactured y. 2007

Production 3000 m3 concrete, conservated since 2009

Technical specification:

Production capacity 40 m3/h

Aggregates bins 4 x 12,5 = 50 m3

Extraction/weighing belt 800 mm for aggregates 3000 kg

Cement silo SP90 (diam. 3500) 90 m3/120 tons

Cement weigher 600 kg

Water weigher 300 kg

Planetary mixer 1500/1000

Liquid additives batching device 25 l

Liquid color additives batching devices 60 l

Superelevation frame for aggregates

Cement screw conveyor diam 273

Discharge hopper from mixer to truckmixer

PC control unit with matrix printer for delivery note

Insulated control cabin 6,0 x 2,2 x 2,2h

Set of wearing parts for mixer



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