Mobile concrete mixing plants

In the mobile plant “Stetter” is considered the need for the movement of the utilized concrete plants with the possibility of rapid dismantling, transport on the road trains with the low cargo platform also of rapid installation. Because of the completely adjusted, preliminarily installed compact units the introduction of installation into the operation is, as a rule, possible already only in 8 days. As far as dismantling and repeated installation are concerned, with the appropriate preparatory work installation within a week again can be ready to operation.




Model units М 1 М 2,25
Pan-mixer m3 1  
Twin-shaft mixer m3   2.25
Productivity m3/час 56 108
Drive power KVA 37 75
Aggregate weighing system kg 2500 5000
Cement weighing system kg 500 1200
Water weighing system litr 250 600
Types of aggregates max 4 4
Types of cement max 5 5
Aggregate storage m3 40 70
Scales of aggregate   skip skip
Loading mixer   skip skip
Power supply KVA 120 200

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