Oil-fired boilers

The main task of manufacturers of concrete is produce high-quality product the desired volume and temperature all year under all environmental conditions, despite the cold.


Liquid-fuel thermal energy unit specifically designed for the concrete industry, they provide all the heating needs of a concrete plant – including: defrosting, heating and heating of inert materials, production of hot water, space heating of concrete batching plant, the production of warm water for washing/filling mixer trucks, heating production halls and offices, etc.


Our professionals have extensive experience in installation, adjustment and repairing of liquid-fuel boiler manufacturers such as «Sauter Plersch AG» and “Polarmatic”. These boilers are well established in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete. High efficiency and ease of operation is highly regarded concrete producers of Northern Europe.


The company «S.I.M. Baltic «help you choose the right boiler for your production, to make its installation and commissioning, manufacture and install heat registers.

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