Road grader XCMG GR135A (CE)

Machine weight: 11 T

  • Type – 6-cylinder, with turbo charger, direct fuel injection, water cooled. Meets standards EU concerning exhaust emission
  • Rated power/speed – 113kW (147HP) / 2200r/min.

Transmission system:

  • Type — power-shift
  • 6 forward and 3 reverse gears


  • Model – Arvin Meritor with big ratio
  • 6 x 4 drive. Front axle oscillating type

Braking system:
Basic brake acting on four rear wheels, wet and hydraulic type.

  • Main frame X type with welded structure
  • Chassis frame BOX type with welded structure

Tires: 13,0-24RP12 with inner tube.
Steering system:

  • controlled by levers. Fully hydraulic steering system with articulated frame ensures flexible steering at every travelling speed
  • Steering angle of the machine 49°
  • Steering angle of the frame articulated joint 27°
  • Turning radius: 6,6m

Middle (basic) blade:

  • Made of hardox, controlled by two cylinders, to both sides it can be inclined even to vertical position
  • Max. blade lifting height: 450mm
  • Cutting angle: 28-70°
  • Max. cutting depth: 535mm
  • Blade slewing angle: 360°
  • Blade height: 610mm
  • Blade length: 3710mm

Working hydraulic system:
Gear pump with max. operating pressure 18 MPa.
ROPS/FOPS, silenced in accordance with EU standards, heated, with air condition and with radio set. Anti-vibration type seat. Readable dashboard with errors monitoring system.
Overall dimensions:

  • Length: 8015 mm
  • Width: 2380 mm
  • Height: 3050 mm

Standard equipment:

  • Front blade
  • Rear ripper


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