Concrete blocks making machine OMAG-TRONIK 165/145

Concrete blocks making machine OMAG-TRONIK 165/145.

In early 2009, completed the installation and configuration of equipment, but production was not started.

Equipments OMAG-TRONIK 165/145 consists of:

  • storage of empty pallets and feed table transporter ;
  • pallet conveyor feed ;
  • press molding machine , equipment supply upper and lower layer of concrete;
  • submission of finished goods on pallets at the warehouse ;
  • transporters of finished products;
  • submission of finished products on pallets from the warehouse ;
  • stacker pallet ;
  • crane stacker pallet ;
  • hydraulic station ;
  • tripper of empty pallets ;
  • packaging of empty pallets ;
  • packing table for pallets;
  • technological challenge pallets;
  • pallet conveyor ;
  • control cabinets for the production line and test equipment;
  • conveyor for blocks;
  • packaging line of finished products.



Seventeen moulds that are made by RAMPE company for various configurations compacting concrete products.



Curing racks for finished products manufactured by «ROTHO Stabil» company, consisting of twelve production lines with trays. Each level for a maximum load of 600 kg. The design ensures that the pallet 1200 (tray size: 1650x1400x55).


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